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List of Drug Rehab Centers

An addiction to a particular drug or multiple drugs is a serious problem.  Don't stay trapped or let your loved one be caged in the box of addiction. Below is a list of drug rehab centers and programs.  Freedom from drug use will mean more options for your life and a better future for you and those whom you love. 

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trapped in a box by a drug addiction

How does addiction occur? This article discusses how drugs interact with the brain to create an addiction.

Behavioral Health Treatment Center in FL

Offers successful treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. Specialty programs for young adults, pain management and depression.

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Crossroads Centre: Drug, Alcohol Rehab
Crossroads Centre at Antigua is an international rehabilitation center for the treatment of drug, alcohol and other addictive disorders. Founded by Eric Clapton.


Rehab and Recovery for Teens
Regional treatment centers and private boarding schools offering teens extended rehab and recovery from drug or alcohol use.


Affordable Drug Rehab with Results
Drug rehab for adults and teens in TX and LA. Residential inpatient and outpatient programs. Ask about our treatment guarantee.


Recovery for the Drug Addict/Alcoholic
Luxurious drug and alcohol treatment in a serene and private setting on the Texas Gulf Coast.


Drug Rehab Treatment Facility
Drug rehab and substance abuse treatment facility at Sunrise Recovery Ranch located in the majestic Southern California foothills.

Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Center
Drug rehab treatment program offering care in a structured 12-step program. Located in beautiful Newport Beach on the Pacific Coast.

Non-Traditional Addiction Treatment
Long-term non-traditional addiction treatment.

AAE Drug Rehab Retreat - One of a Kind
Upscale 14, 21, 28, and 35 day programs. One-on-one therapy in serene healing environment. Intimate 6 bed facility, confidential, organic cuisine, secure, nestled in Southern California.

Renaissance Malibu - Drug Rehab Center
Individualized and confidential alcohol and drug addiction treatment offered in a Malibu, CA oceanfront mansion. We offer hope and healing in a serene environment.

Addicts Are Healed Here
Trust can be restored - relationships can be healed. We treat more than the addiction by helping clients identify the cause of their addictive behavior and bring new meaning to their life.

Passages Residential Drug Rehab Center
Exclusive residential treatment center in Malibu, California specializing in one-on-one treatment of drug abuse and alcoholism. Documented 84% success rate.

The Watershed: Drug Rehab
Make a change today. We are here to help you overcome alcohol and drug abuse. Contact us to receive free confidential online assessment and referrals. We can help you achieve recovery.

Stone Hawk Drug Rehabilitation Center
Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center offers holistic residential alcohol and drug rehab programs on beautiful St. Mary's Lake in Michigan. Over 70% of our graduates stay clean.

Northern CA Residential Drug Treatment
Luxurious Northern California residential treatment center overlooking San Francisco Bay. Bayside Marin offers confidential, respectful, nurturing, individualized care in serene settings.

Milestones Ranch Malibu Drug Rehab
Innovative, alcohol rehab research-based treatment for mental health/drug problems. 12 adult beds/3 levels of care. Beautiful mountain setting. Drug Rehabilitation is a nationwide treatment referral service designed to help you find a rehabilitation center to fit your individual needs. Find addiction information online.

Holistic Drug Rehab Program
Addiction recovery program that works. Chronic relapse specialists. We are recovering addicts with over 17 years of experience.

Executive Drug Rehab in Style
Enjoy being pampered. We provide compassionate and individualized treatment that offers the chemically dependent person a route to recovery that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Tarzana Treatment Center - California
Comprehensive drug, alcohol and mental health treatment. Fully licensed and accredited. Detoxification, residential and outpatient treatment offered in multiple sites throughout L.A. County.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program
Let us help you recover from your addiction. Cost-effective, caring and compassionate residential treatment rehab in seaside communities of South Orange County, California.

Drug Rehab Program - Hope by the Sea
Hope by the Sea is a high-qaulity, yet affordable residential alcohol rehab center located in Southern California. Help can't wait. Call now.

Drug Rehab Uses Narcotics to Detox
Summer House offers a narcotic detox service in a no hassles stress free setting. Located in South Florida.

Helping with Drug and Alcohol Addiction
We help overcome drug addiction through an emphasis on helping the whole person. Located in secluded Belize, Central America we treat the mind, body and spirit.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Drug Rehab
Exclusive, intensive rehab retreat Newport Beach. Executives, professionals, celebrities, pro athletes: alcohol/drug, addictions, burnout, stress. All private services, powerful, effective.

Newport Beach Drug Rehab
Beautiful, seaside drug rehab facility offering individualized addiction treatment programs steps from the California sand. State licensed, court approved, highly successful. Live healthy.

The Sundance Center - Drug Rehab
Professional inpatient, outpatient drug and alcohol rehab. Located in Scottsdale Arizona, we are here to help.

Drug Rehab - Addiction Is Not a Disease
You are not powerless. There is a solution to alcohol and drug addiction. Change your life forever. Advanced technology for substance abuse recovery. Success rate 80%.

Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc
Narconon offers drug rehab in Destin, FL. Recover fully and finally from addiction and get your life restarted.

Drug Rehab Center
The future of recovery is here today at A Better Tomorrow. Effective drug rehab center.

Long-Term Drug Rehab for Adolescents
Caring, professional staff offering drug recovery services and education to drug addicted teens. Call our center in Kentucky today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center
Cirque Lodge, Sundance Utah offers exclusive and effective drug and alcohol treatment. Let the mountains and our cognitive and experiential therapies provide you healing and hope. Call now.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center
Beat your addictions at Florida's Gulf Coast Recovery is a beachfront, comprehensive substance abuse treatment center that specializes in treating alcohol dependence and drug addiction.

Capstone: Drug Rehab Center
Capstone Treatment Center is a residential treatment center for adolescent substance abuse. Capstone Christian treatment model uses proven innovative therapies to stop chemical dependency.

Texas Drug Rehab
A Texas drug rehab treatment center that is Christ centered and Bible based.

Drug Rehab
Affordable, sophisticated and highly-successful alcohol/drug treatment.

Drug Rehab
Addiction Information Center is providing complete and current information about rehabs, detox, treatment, alcoholism, drug abuse, centers addiction and other related topics.

Drug Rehabilitation
Sierra Tucson Treatment Center in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Chat privately with a staff member online or call us toll-free. Compassionate, reassuring, understanding care is available.

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center
Austin Recovery provides effective, compassionate, and affordable drug and alcohol treatment in Austin, TX. Our non-profit organization has been helping individuals recover since 1967.

Drug Rehab Resource Catalog
Find information on drug rehab. View parent resource videos online or have them mailed to you for free. Receive parental and educational information on schools and programs.

Drug Rehab
Alcohol and drug treatment alternative recovery program. Recover at home. Also links to drug/alcohol rehab alternative.

Executive Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Professional drug and alcohol treatment. Private rooms with baths available. Call for a confidential discussion. Located in Utah.

Rapid Detox from Heroin Addiction
Project Straight offers medically assisted detox and detoxification under anesthesia from heroin, methadone, oxycontin, vicodin and other opiates. Caring, compassionate and affordable.

Stepping Ahead Drug and Alcohol Program
We offer women group therapy, transport to AA/NA meetings and a 12 step based community that aids in the development of a healthy support system for long-term sobriety in Palm Beach, FL.

Drug Rehab Ministry
Evangelical Christian ministry in Russia. With your support we build churches, drug rehab centers, and seminaries across Russia.

Hope by the Sea - Laguna Nigel, CA
Drug rehabilitation, alcoholism treatment, chemical dependency treatment, opiate detox programs, and more.

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