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Stale Breath Resources and Articles


Starter Kits - For fighting Bad Breath - Use Coupon Code A-PER10


Article - How Taste Disorders are Related to Bad Breath  - Helps us to understand various bad breath treatments, including how to deal with halitosis, sour and bitter taste, and other causes of bad breath


How to Stop Bad Breath - for around $90- This is for when you know you need the tough treatment.
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Article - Chewing Gum and It's Amazing Origin - An article that can stimulate your interest in the history of chewing gum developement. Did you know that chewing gum might stimulate your memory, raise your metabolic weight and possibly prevent heart burn? Do you know why xylitol, zinc gluconate and oxygenating compounds make chewing gum successful at helping minor breath problems?


Free Download - The Bad Breath Bible -  47 pages. Learn about VSCs, anaerobic bacteria and how they cause bad breath.


Article -  Finally, A Breath Mint That Does What Its Supposed To! - An article discussing how you can use a breath mint containing oxygen to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth.


Bad Breath Forum - Discuss Bad Breath with others.

Discover this amazing natural oil blend  - It  Helps to fight bad breath and gingivitis.

Free Online Breath Test - You may find out the degree of your breath problem and what the best action to take to correct it is, after taking this free online breath test.

How High Protein Diets Can Add to Your Stale Breath Situation - An article about how a high protein diet can contribute to your stale breath problem - by Scott Kiser, DDS.,

How To Prevent Tonsil Stones - An article by Dr. Harold Katz. Tonsil stones are sometimes bad smelling precipitations that grow in the folds of your tonsils.

How to Stop Morning Breath in Less than 45 Seconds Per Day - You can have freedom from morning breath.

Learn from an expert on Bad Breath - You can listen to and watch an expert discuss bad breath on recorded clips of TV appearances

Post Nasal Drip and Nasal-Sinus Congestion Will Transform a Case of 'Normal' Breath into BAD Breath and 'Bad' Breath into HORRIBLE Breath! - How to Eliminate That Annoying 'Frog-in-the-Throat' Feeling! Dr. Katz

Questions and Answers - About bad breath and a particular product line designed to remove it from your mouth.

Special Spray Stops Halitosis in Its Tracks - This article gives you an overview of a special breath spray that can reach the places in your mouth and throat that are the hot spots of bad breath trouble. This special spray has a unique nozzel on it to reach those areas. Article is complete with illustrations.

Special Spray Stops Halitosis in Its Tracks - This article gives you an overview of a special breath spray that can reach the places in your mouth and throat that are the hot spots of bad breath trouble. This special spray has a unique nozzel on it to reach those areas. Article is complete with illustrations.

Stale Breath Resource Center - Your Center for Bad Breath Information

Taste Disorders - Are you experiencing a sour, bitter or metallic taste in your mouth? How sulfur compounds produced at the back of your throat and tongue can cause these unwanted tastes to inhabit your mouth.

Testimonials - Read for yourself the high praise and testimonials of an effective product line that has helped so may achieve freedom from bad breath. This product line may help you or someone you love get rid of their or your bad breath as well!

The Bad Breath Report - You can investigate and read some of the testimonials located near the top of the page. You may be able to create bad breath remedies at home utilizing common household ingredients.

The Common Signs of Bad Breath - A list of symptoms that may point to the existance of bad breath in your mouth.

The Truth About Bad Breath and What the Symptoms Mean - You may gain a lot from this informative article that provides an overview of bad breath and some of the common problems that aggravate it. This article informs you about bacteria responsible for bad breath, what they produce and what you can do about it. The article discusses dry mouth, post-nasal drip, sinuses, high-protein foods, - and finally - a solution!.

Under $27 - Solve your bad breath problem and be kissable again

What Causes Bad Breath Anyhow? - You can read a short article about bad breath causes.

Why Breath Caps Don't Work - If you have been using or thinking about using breath caps to fight bad breath - read this article.

You can stop gingivitis and bad breath - You may find this article describing possible causes of gingivitis and bad breath to be informative. The author describes his problem with gingivits and what is dentist told him. Did you know that alcohol based mouthwashes can worsen your bad breath? What causes bad breath? How can you get rid of it? You may also find using a sonicare toothbrush to be helpful in keeping the plaque off of your teeth.

Zinc in Mouthwash - A collection of studies informing you of the benefit to using a mouthwash with Zinc. You can find out how mouthwash taste can be improved through the use of Zinc Gluconate. Did you know you can benefit from the calculus inhibiting effects of zinc gluconate? Are you an elderly person? Read the study that describes to you how it appears that zinc deficiency may be a small problem for the elderly and how zinc can normalize copper levels in your blood stream.

Blog posts on bad breath

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